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95% Cash Advance


The Original 95% Cash Advance

Recognized as the ORIGINAL 95% CASH ADVANCE factor, Match Factors has been providing 95% or higher cash advance accounts receivable factoring solutions to trucking companies and owner-operators since 1985.  Often imitated but never duplicated, we were the first factoring company in the industry to assist truckers -  regardless of their size, volume or length in business - with a simple, straight-forward 95% cash advance factoring solution.  As the Original 95% Cash Advance factor, Match Factors is the trusted factoring resource for the transportation industry.

Why Wait 30-60-90 Days?

Match Factors provides 95% Cash Advance transportation factoring, giving you immediate cash and making your accounts receivable work for you!  Why wait 30, 60, or 90 days for customer payment when Match Factors can immediately advance you 95% or more on your freight invoices?

Simple Transportation Solutions

Match Factors specializes in providing transportation factoring solutions to motor carriers and owner-operators. We apply our years of industry experience and expertise to effectively supply trucking companies with a simple, high cash advance factoring program with no strings attached. We don’t believe in making factoring confusing or complicated. As a result, all of our factoring programs include FLAT factoring fees with no hidden conditions or variable fees.  In addition, we strive at giving you personal attention and responsive service, as well as the tools and resources to help you successfully manage your business.  

Free Same Day Setup

Sign up for free at Match Factors by applying today.  Have questions? Click to learn more about who we are or to discover the benefits of our program. Call us toll-free at 800-738-9591 or contact us today and let us help you start turning your accounts receivable into immediate cash!

One Stop Shop

In addition to providing you with the best factoring service in the United States, Match Factors, Inc. can handle all of your transportation needs through our organization's ONE STOP SHOP of transportation services! You will never need to go anywhere else.


Transportation licensing and permitting for motor carriers.