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Factor Fuel Card


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Free Comdata Fuel Card  

Match Factors has partnered with Comdata to provide our clients with Free Factor Fuel Cards. The Comdata Factor Fuel Card is accepted at thousands of truck stops nationwide and more than one million ATM locations worldwide, as well as any location that accepts Maestro. Comdata is the leading fuel card provider and it’s the one card to use for fuel purchases and discounts, trucking supplies/repairs, and money access.

All Match Factors' clients are elgible to receive FREE Comdata Factor Fuel Cards. Fuel cards will arrive in 3 to 5 business days. Additional cards are available upon request. Cards are available only to our clients, and can be used as an alternative funding method for the freight bills we purchase.

What does the Comdata Factor Fuel Card allow you to do?

  • Get “Cash Price” on Your Fuel: The Comdata Factor Fuel Card allows you to get the “cash price” at all fuel stops. Credit Price is usually between 4 and 8 cents higher than cash Price. These discounts are off the Cash Price. All stops accepting the card can be found on and are noted on the website if they are in the Comdata Discount Fuel Network (CDFN).
  • Receive Better than "Cash Price" on Your Fuel Purchases at Select Truck Stops: Depending on where you fuel, you can receive discounts up to .40 cents per gallon off the "Cash Price" at select TA/Petro, Roady's, Wilco, Hess, and Love's truck stops.
  • Get ATM Cash Withdrawals: The Comdata Factor Fuel Card can be used at any Cirrus ATM location worldwide.
  • Acceptance at Many Locations: Enjoy acceptance at thousands of fueling locations nationwide (including TA, Petro, Pilot, Flying J, Ambest, Wilco/Hess, Loves and Roady’s), more than a million Cirrus ATM  locations worldwide, and any Maestro location.
  • Make Purchases at Any Maestro Location: Look for the Maestro logo at any location and use your Comdata Factor Fuel Card to make purchases. Current Maestro locations include Wal-Mart, Kroger, Target, Costco, etc.
  • Get Direct Deposit: You can easily transfer money from your Comdata Factor Fuel Card directly to your personal or business checking account. Transfer only those funds you need – any time at your convenience.
  • Issue Comcheks from Your Factor Fuel Card: Issue Comcheks by yourself 24 hours a day from the funds available on your Comdata Factor Fuel Card.
  • Choose Your Prefered Card Structure: Each fuel card can be structured as an individual card (most popular) or under a Primary/Secondary relationship (most cost effective).

As standard with any fuel card, please note that the following Transaction Fees are incurred when using your Comdata Factor Fuel Card:

  • Load Fee: $5.00 to load funds onto your Factor Fuel Card, regardless of the amount loaded. Clients that prefer to receive their funding via Comchek in leiu of Factor Fuel Card are charged a $10 processing fee for each $1,000 issued.
  • Fuel Purchases: $.90 at Mom and Pop locations, $1.30 at Wilco/Hess and $1.80 at Pilot, Flying J, Petro, TA, Loves and Ambest.
  • Customer Service Fee: There is no charge to call 1-800-741-6060 and check your card balance using Comdata's automated voice response unit.  Should you need to speak to a Comdata representative, a $1.50 per call customer service fee will apply.
  • Direct Deposit: $.75 per transaction to transfer money straight into your checking account.
  • ATM Fees: $1.50 per ATM withdrawal, $4.00 per international (outside US) transaction. ATM balance inquiries and decline fees are $1.00.
  • Maestro Fees: $1.00 per transaction, including Point of Sale (POS), inquiries, and declines.
  • Comchek Draft Fees: $1.50 for any Comchek you issue directly from your card.

For specific information on how the Match Factors Comdata Factor Fuel Card works and the benefits the card will provide your business, or to request a Factor Fuel Card application please contact Match Factors.

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