Begin Factoring Your Invoices Today.

Why Match Factors?

Here are just a few benefits you receive when you become a Match Factors client.

95% (or Higher) Advance

We advance you 95% or more on your freight invoices. We have the highest advance rates in the industry for smaller and medium-sized trucking companies! Plus our program offers you the convenience of low, flat fee plans.

Same Day Funding

Receive 95% or more on your invoices within 24 hours of receipt of your invoices. If you like, we can pay you the same day we receive your invoices through your preferred payment method.

Simple Program

Our factor fees (service charges) are based on a flat rate structure, not a variable rate plan, so you know your fees will never escalate under our program. Furthermore you have flexibility in how you submit invoices to us.

Personal Service

We know all of our clients on a first-name basis, and not as an account number. You won't call into our office and get an automated answering system. Our goal is to develop a relationship with you, so we can help you grow.

Free Online Account Access

Free online Account Management System is included in our basic program. Our system provides you with important account information, management reports, and company notices and a wealth of other resources.  

Broker Quick Pay

Take advantage of brokers’ quick pay programs when you factor invoices with us.  If a broker has a quick pay rate lower than our factor fee rate, we’ll match the broker’s quick pay rate when we purchase your invoice!

Fuel Card

We have partnered with several fuel card providers to provide you free fuel cards. You can use your fuel card to get same day funding on your invoices or discounts on your fuel purchases.


We have an experienced collections team working your accounts. This allows you to focus on moving profitable freight and while we focus on managing your accounts receivable!

Industry Discounts

Take advantage of our outstanding industry benefits including discounts on ELDs, fuel purchases, FedEx shipping, and load document scans. We also include free, unlimited credit checks.

Flexible Invoice Submission

We make it easy to submit your invoices to us. Simply fax, email, or upload your invoices to our online account platform. 

Factoring Is A Simple Process

Since most trucking organizations factor their receivables, transportation factoring is a very common and accepted practice in the industry.

Here's how it works:

Get your 95% or higher cash advance.