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7 Tips for Trucking Companies to Increase Fuel Economy

7 Tips for Trucking Companies to Increase Fuel Economy

The steady climb in diesel prices over the last several weeks may have you looking for ways to reduce fuel costs and increase efficiency. Here are seven tips for your truck operators to get the most out of their fuel.

Drive the Speed Limit – While it is certainly tempting to go a little faster to shave some time off getting to your destination, drivers will find that higher speeds equal more fuel consumed. Approximately 0.14 mpg in fuel efficiency is lost for every 1 mph you add to your speed.

Lose Some Weight – On your truck’s load, that is. Eliminate any unnecessary weight you may be transporting to improve your fuel efficiency. When possible, choose truck components that are made of lighter metals like aluminum or metal alloys. 

Check Your Tires – Ensure that your tires have adequate tire pressure for improved fuel efficiency.

Use Fuel Cards – Match Factors offers free Comdata fuel cards to assist clients with managing their fuel costs.

Compare Fuel Apps – Look at different smartphone apps which offer tips for the cheapest diesel prices in your area. Stopping sooner rather than later to refuel could save a little money if you know who is offering the best prices for fuel.

Decrease Your Trailer Gap – If you are able, decreasing your trailer gap from 45 to 25 inches could improve fuel efficiency by up to 2%.

Train Your Drivers – Knowledgeable drivers with good operation skills will save you on fuel as opposed to less skilled drivers. 

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