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Hurricane Florence - 11 AM Update

Hurricane Florence - 11 AM Update

We are currently tracking Hurricane Florence. The latest track for Florence indicates that it may impact South Carolina sometime mid- to end-week. Our office is located about 70-miles from the coast. Any direct or indirect landfall will significantly impact our area.

We will continue to track and monitor the storm path and provide you with updates on the storm as it relates to our office schedule. The safety and security of our employees and customers are our primary concern.

Based upon the latest 11 am forecast model from the National Hurricane Center, the northeast region of South Carolina, which is where our office is located, is expected to be significantly impacted by the hurricane. As such, we are making necessary contingency plans and preparations for a probable storm landfall.

Decisions on schedule changes, potential delays, and other measures will be made as more information becomes available. Please refer to our Online Account Portal, social media sites and other normal communication channels for continued updates.