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Turn Freight Bills Into Cash


How Does Transportation Factoring Work?

Factoring your invoices with Match Factors is a very simple and straight-forward process. We make it quick and easy for you to factor your invoices with us.  Since most trucking organizations factor their receivables, transportation factoring is a very common and accepted practice in the industry. Here's how it works:

 Factoring Process


  1. Customer places load order

    Obviously the first step in the transportation factoring process is for your customer to coordinate with you hauling their freight. In the transportation industry, your customers will consist of brokers, freight forwarders, or shippers.

  2. Move your freight

    The second step in the transportation factoring process is for you to haul freight for your customer. We strongly encourage you to verify your customer's credit with us before you move any freight. This will minimize your risk and exposure. Free credit checks are included in our factoring program.

  3. Send us your invoices

    The third step in the factoring process is for you to send us your invoices. You will bill your customer in the usual way, however you send your freight bills to us instead of your customer. We offer a variety of invoice submission options, including walk-in delivery, FedEx overnight, fax, email, and Transflo! All Freight Bills must include your invoice and all the pertinent load attachments, including the completed BOL, rate confirmations, scale tickets, etc.

  4. We will advance you 95% on your invoices

    Once we receive your invoices, we will fund you the same day or within 24-hours upon receipt of your invoices, depending on your funding preference (check, wire, ACH, Comchek, fuel card, etc). Unapproved customers, improper load attachments, misdirected payments, shortages, damages, advances, late fees, claims and rate changes could affect the funding process.

  5. Invoices are submitted to your customer

    After we fund you for your invoices, we will then forward your invoices to your customer. All invoices are mailed or submitted to your customer the day we fund you. We don't hold onto your invoices. As soon as your invoices are submitted to your customer, we will begin the collections process. We don't wait 60-days after we fund you to begin our collections efforts either. Our collections efforts begin soon after we submit your invoices. Furthermore you will have online access to status of all your open invoices.

  6. Your customer remits payment to us

    The transportation factoring process is complete once we receive invoice payment from your customer. In the transportation industry, the typical turnaround time for invoice payment is 30-45-60 days. Any short paid or unpaid invoices are offset against your reserve account or future invoice submissions. In addition, our recourse policy is 90-days, which means we have a three-month period in which we try to collect your invoice payments.

Free Same Day Setup

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One Stop Shop

In addition to providing you with the best factoring service in the United States, Match Factors, Inc. can handle all of your transportation needs through our organization's ONE STOP SHOP of transportation services! You will never need to go anywhere else.


Transportation licensing and permitting for motor carriers.