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Hurricane Florence Tuesday 11 AM Update

Hurricane Florence Tuesday 11 AM Update

Based on the 11 am forecast model from the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Florence remains an intensive Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph. The storm has has continued its western-northwestern track and is expecting to make landfall just above the SC/NC border sometime Thursday evening.

Our office is located in the northeast region of SC. Given the large size of the storm, our area is expected to be significantly impacted by this hurricane. Forecasters are calling this is a "life threatening" storm, and evacuations are well underway in SC.

Tentatively, we are planning on closing early at 4 PM EST on Thursday, which would allow employees to safely travel home and make last minute preparations for the storm. Our Friday schedule is uncertain.

We encourage all clients to submit their schedules prior to Thursday just to be safe. If you need special assistance on Friday, let us know before end of day Thursday. We will endeavor to assist you as much as possible.

Please refer to our Online Account Portal, social media sites and other normal communication channels for continued updates. All decisions on schedule changes, potential delays, and other measures will be made as more information becomes available.