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The Key to Cornering

The Key to Cornering

Safely cornering a big rig is one of the skills that must be honed as a professional driver. A miscalculated turn can not only leave you stuck in an awkward situation, but can result in property damage, or worse, injury to yourself or other motorists. Cornering at too high a speed is one of the leading causes of accidents due to the weight of the vehicle. Though you are turning, the momentum of your load continues forward, causing a wreck. This is especially true on slick or icy highways.

For safer and successful cornering, the most important thing you can do as a driver is to slow down. While it may seem like common sense to not take corners at high speeds, it can be easy to forget, especially when making turns at the last second, which should be avoided. 

When approaching a corner, begin to slow while the truck is straight. You can anticipate that traffic will back up, but this is preferable to a collision. Don’t wait till you are already turning to attempt to decelerate; the size and weight of the truck will not respond as quickly as an average sized vehicle and you will wreck.

If an exit or turn sneaks up on you, go to the next one and turn around. Again, this is preferable to a major accident caused by trying to take a turn too quickly. Also try to be mindful of motorists coming up in the inner lane while turning. Take it slow and steady and get home intact.

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